Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paul Wagner @ Hot House

Paul Wagner Hot House Media

After Paul Wagner’s contract finished @ Sean Cody in October 2008 he was quickly snapped up by the guys @ Hot House Media.

Masculine, muscular hairy and a well established power bottom it was a fantastic to watch “Barry”, a more quiet but masculine bottom, more more towards the Paul Wagner of today, strong, hunky and anything but vanilla.

Having signed an exclusive contract with Hot House, he filmed nine films to day which have included such big name DVD’s such as “Movers N Shakers”, “Skuff 4″, both “Reckless” and “Reckless 2″ and “Head Hunters 2″.

From suits to leather Paul Wagner has always projected a strong masculine image complemented perfectly with his solid muscular body, hairy chest and that smile that I am sure get’s him into more then enough trouble :)

Whilst his best role is that of a power bottom he is equally comfortable as a top being a great versatile fucker. His grunts of encouragement get me hard every time. Did I mention that Paul sucks cock like a champ?

You can check out the Paul Wagner Page Here @ Hot House or click the images below to check out my more detailed guides to each of his hot house movies as well as secret links to free previews of Paul Wagner movies… Enjoy!